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Can't touch your toes? You can still do yoga!

While walking through the common area of a highrise where I teach yoga, I passed two women and invited them to class. One quickly declined saying, "I can't touch my toes. I don't do yoga."

Days later I'm still thinking about that comment, wondering how many other people feel the same way. Undoubtedly, some have this preconceived notion of what yoga is –– or what it's "supposed" to be. They have an image of what a yogi looks like and what they're able to do. And in their mind, they don't fit the mold, so they keep that door closed.

But I want to bust the door down.

You don't have to be able to touch your toes to enjoy yoga.

You don't have to be young.

Or skinny.

Or athletic.

Or strong.

Or graceful.

Or be able to balance on one foot.

You don't even have to own a pair of yoga pants.

You can be a man. Or a woman. Or gender neutral.

The only requirement in yoga is that you breathe.

Yoga accepts you just as you are. It helps You to accept you just as you are.

It doesn't matter where you practice -- whether with me or the studio down the street. Or in your own home. I just want to encourage you to show up. Even if it's just to sit and breathe.

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