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Virtual yoga, cardio classes to cure Covid cabin fever

Real talk. Lockdown day ... ? We've lost track. We haven't showered in two, three days? And I know some of you haven't brushed your teeth in over 24 hours. 😬 It's time to change that.

It's time we get up. Move our body. And at least gargle with some Listerine.

Join Shine Again Yoga for our live, virtual Yoga and Cardio-based classes every day except Sunday. You can break a sweat in the safety and privacy of your own home.

With a not-so-serious crew.

We love fitness. But we also love Jim Beam. Dancing in the driveway. And cigars. At least one lady does. If we let her in, we'll certainly open the door for you. Consider joining us! We always have room for one more. Cigars optional.

• Desktop Users: See Schedule & Book Here

• Mobile Devices: See Schedule & Book Here

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