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Early Bird Registration for Fall Yoga Retreat

Fan the flame, my friends! You were created for a purpose. You weren't meant to live small. You, dear sister, are meant to live a life on fire. For the good of others.

Are you ready?! Let's do this!

Wait. How is this going to happen, you ask.

Well, believe it or not, you are already equipped with tools to get your life party started. We all are. We just have to dig them out, brush them off and start using them.

Join us Oct. 25-28 for our Fan the Flame Fall Yoga Retreat in the North Georgia Mountains. We'll tackle those hard questions. We'll search for our God-given gifts. And we'll drop some truth bombs that will inspire you to live a Bold, Radical Life!

This all-inclusive retreat will be at the peak of autumn colors. Come experience the glory of "God's country" with Shine Again Yoga's Sarah J. Clark. Sarah has been a nature-loving explorer since she toddled alongside her free-spirited mother on Epic Excursions: creek stomping, river rafting (on driftwood!), fence climbing. Sarah now shares her love for adventure with others through yoga-related endeavors.

This October join Sarah on one (or two) treks through the North Georgia Mountains. Sample wines at one of Georgia's finest wineries. You'll even have time for your own Epic Excursion on the vast cabin grounds. Four yoga sessions will also be offered followed by guided conversations on finding what sets your soul on fire. It's a journey to understand your natural gifts and explore how to use them.

Keto Cook and founder of Fattyhead, Laura Manivong, will prepare and serve all meals on site. She will also hold an informative session on ketogenic eating and how it transformed her ENTIRE life. A self-proclaimed 'food addict,' Laura holds nothing back. Her story is real. Raw. And inspiring. She's found what sets her soul on fire and she's living Out Loud. On Purpose. And she's sharing her gift and passion with others. We can't wait for you to meet her!

Ready, ready?

Yeah, you are!

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