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SUP Yoga at Stone Mountain

Yoga is fun.

Yoga with friends is fun(ner).

Yoga on the water is fun(nest).

What I like most about SUP Yoga is being outside. On the water. Under a giant sky. With nature all around you. Since you're floating on water, the board is always shifting, challenging you to maintain your balance. It highlights areas you may not realize are as strong (or as stable) as you think they are when practicing yoga on land.

And when I wobble and fall in the water, it's all good because I'm basically a fish.

But if you prefer to be on land, what's great about SUP Yoga is that you don't have to be far from land. Waist or knee deep water works just as well. You just want a little depth to cushion whatever falls you might encounter. And falls are nothing to be scared of. Your entire SUP Yoga sequence can be done without having to stand.

Be creative!

Remember: yoga simply means to unite the body with the breath. Move, breath, maintain balance. That's your SUP Yoga foundation. Keep that at the forefront of your mind when you're on your board and you're golden, my friend.

So now you wanna give it a go, yes? Maybe? Definitely!

Join me Saturday, June 22 from 3-5 at Stone Mountain Park. We'll meet at the REI Boathouse. New location: 1175 Stonewall Jackson Dr.

We'll have plenty of paddle play time and about 45 minutes of designated yoga.

The class is $47 and will benefit Mwanaisha, a student in Tanzania that Shine Again Yoga sponsors through Project Zawadi. We’ve raised $451 of our $1,000 goal, which would cover the cost of her schooling for five years! Register here:

For those interested in keeping their feet on dry land but still want to contribute to Mwanaisha's education, please CLICK HERE.

See you on the water!


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