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Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

Eric Thomas

I didn't always love Yoga. 


It took about 10 years for that to happen. After college, I joined a gym and gravitated toward Pilates. I popped into some yoga classes once in a while, but when I heard things like, “pray to yourself,” I’d feel incredibly uncomfortable and avoid yoga classes altogether for a few months. I felt uneasy because I don’t believe praying to myself has any benefit. My strength comes from Jesus Christ. He’s who I pray to. 


Fast forward a decade or so and the death of my mother sent me into a tailspin. I’ve never known such sorrow. Months passed and I remained in a very dark place. Then one day I stumbled across a picture of a woman in Dancer’s Pose. Something clicked. A pinpoint of light broke through the darkness. For the first time in months I felt inspired. I decided to try the pose myself. Those first attempts were comical, which was nice because it felt good to laugh again — even if I was laughing at myself. After wobbling and falling over half a dozen times I managed to actually hold the pose for a few seconds. It wasn't graceful or pretty or anything to brag about, but I felt like I had accomplished something. Still, I knew there was enormous room for improvement. And just like that I had a goal. I had something that got me out of bed. Slowly the heavy weight of grief began to lift. 


My Dancer is still a work in progress, but by practicing this asana I gained strength in other areas and discovered new abilities. Who knew I could master Crow without face-planting? Or stand on my head and will my feet to go in opposite directions? In the midst of all these little victories I discovered I had fallen in love with yoga and I wanted to share it with the world. Including you.

Your practice is already perfect. Even if you're just beginning. Perfect because there is no competition. No comparison. Whether you've been practicing for years or are just now starting to think about buying a yoga mat, I'd be happy to assist you on your journey. 

Meet Sarah

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