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It rain. It poured. We still played

Yogis bring their own sunshine, so when it rained at the beach during Shine Again Yoga's second annual Beach Yoga Getaway, we still played. With zeal. Like school girls on a field trip.

Yoga teaches us to go with the flow, to be unattached. These ladies nailed it. When the thunder clouds rolled in and the rain came POURING down, no one complained. Some read books. Others napped. Some of us sipped coffee on the balcony.

It was glorious.

They say to find your tribe and love them hard. And I've got nothing but mad love for these incredible humans.

Shine Again Yoga is a tribe of adventure-loving misfits. And we always have room for one more, so if you're looking for a yoga community, our door - and our arms - are wide open.

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